Hindi Lesbian Sex Story
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Hindi Lesbian Sex Story
But before narrating the exciting story of our first encounter, I would like to tell you about other members of our family. Because we both had, later on, sex with them as well. So first come our parents.

Our dad's name is Seth Azhar (48). He is a businessman and is running his own garments factory. He maintained his body well throughout his life and he seems very young as compared to his real age. Next is our mom, Samina Begum. She is a social worker (apparently), while in reality she is the supplier of girls to dads business partners. (Even she had presented me and Sana to dad's partners. But I will tell you that story later on.) Our mom is of 44 years. She also has maintained her body well and for this purpose she had joined a jam as well. Her Mammay (boobs) are of 38 size, while her other measurements are 32 and 42 respectively.

Then comes our Elder brother Zahid and his wife our Bhabhi (brother's wife) Shehla. Zahid is of 26. He is an athlete and have a very strong body. Shehla is of 24 (she was Sana's class fellow before she married to our brother). She has a very fine body and her measurements are 36, 30 and 40.

And last but not least, is our younger brother Shahid (19). He is a microcopy of elder brother Zahid but he has more soft and clear body as compared to Zahid. So this is a brief introduction of my family. I will use Urdu/Hindi laguage words in English fonts, in some places because It will give real touch to the story as I am Urdu speaking and use it always. So here the story goes:

It was a hot night, as the month of June was started. I was in my room and was studying an Urdu poetry book. It was 10 pm when I felt hot due to hot whether. I closed the book and entered the bathroom to have a cold bath. I removed all my clothes there and opened shower over my naked body. The fresh water gave me a pleasant feeling and I started massaging my nude body. I often use to masturbate my body during bath. So that day also I started the same habit. First I started pressing my boobs (Mammay) softly. It arose my inner emotions of pleasure and of need of satisfaction. So I closed my eyes and started pressing my boobs and rubbing their nipples. It gave me extended pleasure and my one hand went down to my newly shave tight Choot(cunt) and started rubbing it from out side. But it take few minutes when I entered my two fingers inside my Choot hole and started self fucking. Soon I felt my Choot wet from inside, but I kept fucking myself with fingers. I opened my legs a little, and entered another (third) finger inside my cunt. Water was flowing over my whole body. I was hot inside and cold from out side at the moment.

But as usual, this practice made me tired and I stopped it after 10 or 12 minutes. After bath I concealed my self in towel which hidden my body from boobs till down my knees. As I came out of bathroom, I saw Sana (my elder sister) sitting on my bed and reading the book that I left there. She turned her face towards me and watching me in Towel she smiled, closed the book and stood up. She kept gazing at me, which made me upset.

I asked her with smiling face, " Aisay kia dek rahi ho." And then added, " Aisay lag raha hay jesay koi larrka dek raha ho."

At this, she broke her smile and came near me, still watching my body, she said, "Zara main ne pehle kabhi socha bhi nahi tha ke thumhara jism ithna khoob surath ho ga. Aaj sochthi hoon ke kaash main larrki ki bajaye larrka hothi tho thumhara ye gora badan saara kha jaathi. Kasam se zara thum bahoth sexy ho. jis larrkay ki kismat main aawo gi us ke tho waray niyaaray ho jayain gay."

Completing her comments she touched my neck and kept massaging it. I just blushed at her comments as I never heard before such comments about myself from her. I was even unable to say or ask any thing in response of her comments. She understood my mind position. Came near me and caught me in her arms, pressed me against her body and said, "thum yakeenan heraan ho rahi ho gi ke ye aaj mujay kia ho gayaa hay jo aisi bathain ker rahi hoon. Acha pehle ye bathawo ke kia kabhi thum ne sex kia hay?"

It was another shock for me; I nodded my head and didn't reply. At this she laughed and kissed at my right cheek, then said, "Kia sex ke baray main kuch jaanthi bhi ho ya niri budhu ho?"

This time my head responded in positive. She kissed my left cheek and said with a hitting smile, " Kia sirf sir hila rahi ho, moon mian zubaan nahi hay kia?"

At this I made myself a little brave, as the initial wave of shock had already been passed. I replied, "Baaji mujay samaj nahi aa rahi ke aaj aap ko kia ho gayaa hay. Aaj se pehle aap ne aisi bathain kabhi bhi nahi ki." Hearing this, she tried to watch deep in my eyes for a few moments, then once again asked sex related question, "Main thumharay is sawaal ka jawaab de doon gi, pehle meray kuch sawaloon ka jawab do." I said, "Tik hay, pucho."

Then she brought me near my bed and sat me down there. She sat beside me and put her arms around my breasts and back. She said the, "Kia kabhi sex kernay ko dil nahi kia? Kia kabhi thumharay dil ne thum se nahi kaha ke kaash koi hotha jo thum se pyaar kertha, thum ko kiss kertha, thumharay jism ko dabatha aur peer thum ko chod detha. Kia thera dil nahi kertha ke koi thum ko choday?"

She was whispering in my ears, and her word was making me hot and curious. I tried to become brave and thought that if she could talk in this way why I could not. So I replied with out any shyness, " Q nahi hotha. Main jawaan hoo, sex meri zaroorath hay, roz nihaathay huway main aapnay nangay jism se cherr chaarr kerthi hoon."

I noted that my words had a pleasant effect on her. She looked excited, pressed me against her body and said, "Tho peer kisi ke saath aaj thuk sex kyoon nahi ki?" I just ignored her question because I did not want at that moment to tell her about my relations with Imran-my boy friend. Instead of replying to her question I asked counter question of her, "App bhi tho jawaan hay peer aap ne kyoon kisi se sex nahi kia?"

She smiled and replied without any hesitation, "Meri pyaari bano, thumhara kia khayaal hay ke theri baji ne itna sabar kia ho ga" saying this she caught me in her arms and took me up and then sat me in her lap. Before, that I show any reaction to her this new act, she continued what she left in middle, "Tho janu aap ki ithla ke liye araz hay ke aap ki ye baji aik baar nahi balke kai baar apni choot aur gand chodwa chooki hay aur sirf kisi aik se nahi balke kayee larkoon aur larrkion se, kia samji."

She told me the news that I never even thought about. I kept watching in her eyes for a while and then decided that I will also tell her the truth of my life. So I also said without any shyness or hesitation, " Baji agar aap ithna sabar nahi ker sakthi tho main bhi aap ki hi behn hoon main bala kesay sabar ker sakthi hoon. Bus fark sirf ithna hay ke main ne sirf aik baar aik hi dost se sex kia hay."

I felt that she became overjoyed to hear about my sex relation. But she continued her inquiry (I was sitting in her lap (ghod), she said, " kia kabhi kisi larrki ke saath lesbian sex bhi kia hay?" I replied in negative.

She replied again, " kia kabhi kernay ka maan nahi kia?"

I said, " kayee baar main ne socha zaroor kyoon ke main ne apni kuch sahelion ko lesbian kerthay huway chupkay se dek tha, magar kabhi khood kernay ya un se kuch kehne ki himat nahi huwee."

She kissed at my cheek and offered me, " kia apni baji ke saath kerna chaho gi? Yakeen keroo main theray saaray armaan nikaal dhoon gi. Try ker ke dek lo."

I was amazed to hear this from her. But it also gave me a lot of inner pleasure because I thought at so many moments of doing it, especially whenever I heard or watched about lesbian from my friends. So I watched in her eyes and smiled. Instead replying in words I kissed her lips for a while and then removed my lips from hers and kept watching deep in her eyes. It proved a green signal for her, and as I removed my lips, she pressed me in her arms and started kissing my lips very passionately. I warmly welcomed her by responding with same kissing. We were kissing each other lips. Her hands were around my back while mine were at her cheeks.

After few minutes we broke our kiss. She laid me down on the bed, removed towel from my body and made me fully naked from top to bottom. She was sitting beside me and was watching at my nude body. Her one hand was in her own lap while with her another hand she was pressing my body. She said in very sexy voice, "UUUUFFFFFFFFFF Zara ki bachi thera jisam tho bilkul dhoodh jesaaa saaf hay. Kasam se aaj thuk main ne kabhi ithan khoobsurat badan nahi deka. Aur theray mammay tho ghazab ke hai ssssssss." Saying this she came over me. Her face was above my boobs and then she started liking them one by one with her hot and wet tong. She was also sucking my nipples. This gave me immense pleasure and I felt myself flying in the air. I kept my both hands at her head and pressed her mouth against my boobs.

She was now sucking my one nipple while pressing the other with her hand. I said in humid and erotic tone, " Uuuuuuffff baaji bahot mazaa aa raha hay, sssssss chooso meray nipple koooo aaaaaahhhhh uuuummm."

Hearing this she became more aggressive and started biting at my nipples and pressing my other boob harder. It just made me out of control and I pressed her head more strongly against my mammay. After a while, she changed her targets and now she was sucking nipple of my other boob while pressing that one which was earlier in her mouth.

She continued this for few minutes, then stood up on her knees on my belly and removed her kameez (shirt) and bra. Then she also removed her shalwar (loose trouser) and became completely nude. I was watching her nude for the first time. She put her hands in sides on my head and became in doggy position above me. Her boobs were hanging down. Then she crawled ahead and brought her boobs above my face, and said, "Zara ub meray mammon se thorra pyaar kero, main bhi dekoon meri pyaari bano ke moon main kesa maza hay."

Hearing this, I kept her one nipple in my mouth and started sucking her, while her another mamma was in my hand and I was pressing it. She was moaning in low voice and I was enjoying the taste of her soft nipples one by one.

We remained in this position for a while, and then she went up and turned around. Now our positions were such that I was lying as previous while her choot (pussy hole) was now above my face and her face was above my choot. She said, " Zara ub thum meri choot se keloo aur main their choot se mazay lethi hoon."

And we started the same thing. She was sucking my pussy while I was doing the same thing with her pussy. It took both of us at the extreme of pleasure and after about five minutes we both ejaculated our hot juices in one another mouths. Her juice was very tasty. And I sucked that fully.

Now we both were lying side by side. Our eyes were closed when she turned towards me and said, " Zara maza aayaa?" I replyied, " bahoth baji."

Then we made promise that we will do lesbian whenever we desire. She said that next time she would introduce me to lesbian ass (gand) fucking. Her idea thrilled me very much. But it never came because it was some one else who introduce me to lesbian ass fuck.

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